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The Practical Driving Test
The quickest and easiest way to book, check, change or cancel your practical driving test is online. The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) recommends that you book on Directgov. You can also book by phone or by post. Find out how to book and manage your practical test.
Booking Your Practical Test
You can find your nearest driving test centre online before you book your test by logging onto
How long it takes to get a practical test appointment?
The DSA aims to give you a practical test appointment within nine weeks for most types of driving tests. However, the waiting time varies around the country and throughout the year. So, you might have a shorter or longer wait depending on where and when you take your test.
Your theory test certificate number
You will need your theory test certificate number to book your test. If you have lost your certificate, you should contact DSA. Although DSA does not issue replacement certificates, they will be able to send you a brief letter containing your certificate number. When you contact DSA about your lost certificate, you'll need to give your name and driving licence number. You can find out the different ways of contacting DSA to do this by clicking the link below.
How to book your practical test by phone
To book a practical test over the phone you'll need a:
  • Valid UK driving licence
  • Theory test certificate number
  • Valid debit or credit card for payment (Visa, MasterCard, Delta and Visa Electron cards are accepted)
You can find the contact numbers and opening times to book your practical test by phone by clicking on the link below.
How to book your practical test by post
To book your practical test by post you will need an application form. You can download one from the link below, or get one by contacting the DSA booking line.
Do it online
It is quicker and easier to book your practical test online via Directgov.
Taking your practical test if you have special needs
When you book your practical test you should say if you have any special needs. This is so DSA can make reasonable adjustments for your tests. Find out what you need to tell DSA about if you have special needs from the link below.
If you have any queries or questions about your practical test contact the DSA or speak to one of our instructors.
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